CGI:IRC Support

Ok, in all technicality, CGI:IRC is basically what allows people to connect to the server via external means rather than an IRC client like mIRC or X-Chat, or even Ircle on the Mac. The support gives the added benefit that no one has to download a dedicated client, and use a service such as

At this very time, the only protocol allowed is Mibbit, a web-based IRC client using AJAX rather than Java, which is slower to respond and must be re-compiled each time it is run. However, people can use whatever they wish. To join ShadowHime through Mibbit, just enter our IRC link (leave the irc:// off ^_~), enter a channel and your all set.


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  1. Oh, fair note to everyone, if you wish to create your own channels, it has been mentioned numerous times that your nick is required to be registered. You can, however, join our existing channels through the channel page here.

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