New Server Maybe?

Getting SSL enabled on the server is a pain sometimes, but it’s still not quite available… yet.

I ran into some odd errors while trying to get it enabled and I’m not very happy at the moment. So, I might get the server changed to a new host where I should have less problems getting SSL enabled.

If I do change servers, everything will remain the same, I will transfer all of the current data so none of you will lose your nicknames and such. Same goes for the bot configurations. The domain will remain the same, I just have to ask the provider of the domain to update the A Record to point to it.

I’ll post any other updates as I get them.

Quick Update
Just so anyone knows, please see the comments for this post for further updates. It will explain why the server is currently offline.


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  1. Alright, quick update. I can’t say this is a new provider, as having the extra perks would be nice, but I can’t pay for bandwidth overages that’s possible with IRC servers. Instead, I’ll be changing servers that’s on the provider, so if there are any hiccups for the next 24-48 hours, I do apologize. I’ll have to do some quick edits to the configuration files, but I should be able to get the IRC up pretty soon.
    As a just in case matter, I will go ahead and shut down the IRC and wait until the move is complete and go from there. Again, I do apologize for any inconvenience.

  2. Sorry for the delay, but y’all will have to wait a bit longer I’m afraid. Since I just got word that I got put on a new server, I’m going to have to recompile them, and at the time of this post, I can’t do that. -_- Don’t fret though, the moment I get the chance, the server will be back up and running in no time. I’ll also see if I can get the A Record for the domain up, and *hopefully*, no more problems. >.>

  3. Server is now up and running. I do apologize for the delay on it. I’ll be working on the SSL part in due time, but after this, could use a break from debugging the errors I kept getting. >.>

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