Possible New Provider…

Yeah, somewhat continuing a previous post I made here. The current provider, Sh3lls, is giving me some issues such as high ping and frequent disconnects. Not good, is it? So here’s the thing, depending on what happens (and whether or not I can actually afford something of what I’m planning), we’re probably going to switch to a new provider with a new twist. It’s possible we’ll stick with one server, but if we’re lucky enough, we might be able to get two IRCd’s running to link servers. In other words, one will be the main server “Yukina”, and the other is a backup that has yet to be named. The talk is still going around, and we haven’t made a full decision. One thing is for sure, if things keep up the way they have been, we will be switching soon. I will try and make it as painless as possible for everyone, at least so that we won’t get too many problems during the transition.

‘Till then, be sure to read any comments as that is where I’ll post some updates.


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  1. It seems as though plans have changed. We may not be getting a new provider and probably staying with the current one. However, what we will do, if at all possible, is link to another server perhaps and see how that goes.

    However, this is still in planning, there are no definite signs on this right now. I’m going to be trying to talk to the people and admins at that server and see what we can come up with.

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