New Provider

Yep, that’s right. It’s about time too, since Sh3lls is not pleasing me right now with the high ping and such.

The current server will remain for 1 more month before it will no longer be accessible. However, I will, hopefully, have the domain from pointed towards the new server in due time. I am using about a 2 week period to test the server first. You may access the new server at for the time being. That domain will also serve as our round robin DNS (more information to come once we link to another server at some point) in case we link to other servers.

The old server, again, will hang around for a bit longer. That is, unless Sh3lls want to be idiots and cancel my account before the renewal. By then, I’d be angry… I will make another follow-up post to let everyone know of any further changes. All nicknames (currently in the NickServ Database, and other *Serv’s) will be preserved, and the same goes for channels, and any requested vHosts and BotServ bots. The “noexpire” option has been enabled on the new server and will last for two months from this exact post. This means that your nickname and channel will not expire so that everyone has a chance to get situated on the new server. Once the two months are up, we will go back to our old ways again.

I thank you for your patience, and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


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  1. Ok, the link has been updated to point to the new server. Again, all information pertaining to the old one has been saved, no information is lost.

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