SSL Support!

Yes! It’s finally here! After much, much pondering and thought about what’s going on with the SSL support on the server, I finally figured it out. Apparently, it was all an error on my part and I never realized it. How dumb of me… lol……… Mk, ’nuff of that.

I have updated the MOTD to include the SSL ports that are available for use for everyone. Both 6697 and 9999 are available for users to use for SSL connections. I bet it’s about time since I’ve been talking about it quite a bit lately, but hey, it’s finally available! Also, I will think about enabling a module for SSL-only channels (via channel mode +z), but that’s something to ponder over. Quite honestly, I don’t think there’d be much use for it. But if need be, I’ll enable it and see how it goes.

If anyone has questions, please join #help and we’ll see what we can help with. To connect via SSL, you may use /server +6697 to connect.

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