IdleRPG Pages

I pretty much got done with modifying some of the CSS source from the original IdleRPG pages to somewhat fit the ShadowHime site. I’ll have a tutorial, or information page up soon for IdleRPG. Until I can do that, y’all may follow this post for the time being. It’s a lot of information to try and fit onto here and to get a good format going in order to help make it easier for all of you to use it.

Do keep in mind, if you do sign up to play along with us on IdleRPG, you will not be immediately added on the players page. Because it is hosted on a different server, I have a script in place that will update that page every so often (by what I put, 20 minutes). So, if your not on there, check back in 20 minutes or so and see if you are. If not, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am usually available on the IRC most of the time, so I should be able to provide assistance to those who need it.

Do enjoy your time, and hope you continue to stay with us. =^.^=

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