Possible False Bans

For anyone who is going to the forum, or just this site in general, who end up getting a banned message (or a possible forbidden error or something), please give me an email at staff@shadowhime.net if you feel that it’s a false ban. I’ll work something out for you so you can have access again.

I have made an announcement on the forum, but to be brief here, we’ve had a user or two doing a ban evasion on me, so I’m having to do a slightly broad range for the ban to block the user(s) from our domain. So, with that, it’s very possible that I may have accidentally banned innocent users with that and could prevent access not only on the forum, but as well as our IRC server. If this is the case, then please fire me an email and I’ll work something out.

I might remove the ban, kinda depends… It’s also possible I might have to block the ISP as well and having to add exceptions for the users who shouldn’t be banned and all that. (yes, we can add exceptions in case something does happen)

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