IRCd Upgrade (maybe)

Seems as one of the developers for the services we use is going to be coding a module for the version that we use to support an upgraded version of the IRCd we use.

Though, the IRCd is at 1.2 RC3, the reviews for it have been relatively good and stable to consider upgrading and using it on a production environment. So, I’m actually considering on upgrading soon to see how beta testing the module goes. If all goes well, then I’ll get the stuff upgraded and be done with it.

Don’t worry, no information will be lost. All of the service stuff has their own database, and the IRCd upgrade will actually help us IRC Operators with some of the new features provided by the upgrade. There will hardly be a change in how the lot of you would talk in the IRC, as a lot of this stuff is behind-the-scenes and all that.

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