DNS Issues [Fixed]

This is an odd one. The irc.shadowhime.net has been working, but now it doesn’t. I think when I renewed the domain, the arecord got deleted somehow which provided the ability to use irc.shadowhime.net to connect to the server. Funny, because my shippo.shadowhime.net still works fine for stuff I do locally and all that. Well, I sent in a request to my web host and see what he has to say. If anything, this should be fixed by the time you even see this post.

[Fixed] Read the comments.


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  1. Well, I was right. I went out to do a few things, while I was out, I decided to see if my webhost replied to a ticket, and behold, he responded. A cPanel update screwed things up apparently, so he created a new one and alls well now. Slight hiccup, but hey, it took barely an hour to get things fixed. Now how’s that for support. XD

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