Additional Server

It was a long time coming, and I’ve mentioned this once before a month or so ago.

Well, I finally got the new server, currently running the latest Fedora OS available (though fussy sometimes..). I’ll have a bit more info later on and I’ll add the necessary information on the pages and let y’all know. I do have it linked right now, and so far so good.

This is a self-hosting box, so bear in mind that if my internet goes out, so does it. But, at least it’ll be better to have two servers in the event either goes out. I’ll keep a copy of the services on both ends, but only one will run at a time, to prevent collisions and splits to a minimum.

And one last thing to note. This server has a special MOTD, so to speak, in place. I do have to give credit where its due… Reku is the artist for the base image I used for the ASCII art, while the program to make the ASCII art is called JavE, a freeware program coded in Java. If you wish to see the image I had used (or rather, the full image), you may click here. The site is in Japanese, but you will be able to see the image fine. If y’all want an alternate link, use this instead.

The full MOTD for the servers may get posted here, but I’ll debate on that for a bit. Anyway, as mentioned before, information for that server coming soon. will be a round robin DNS essentially, and if y’all want to use the other server specifically, I’ll have a link to it on the information page.

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