Changes in Staff

I hate doing these, I really do. You bring someone on, then later on, changes need to be made due to inactivity or whatever…

EvilEntity and WingZero0079 have both been dropped as network staff mostly due to inactivity on the network. Idling is one thing, but engaging in convos when possible is another. I have left their info in the config files until I change my mind, but for the time being, I most likely won’t. I might reinstate WingZero’s if the network gets more activity here, but EvilEntity hasn’t really been connecting as it is. (What’s in the userlist for those who do see is actually a BNC I set up for him.)

For the time being, there will only be 3 staff members. Your two network owners, and Soultaker. We’ll be around at various times of the day if anyone needs any help, or you may post on the forum if necessary.

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