Luna Update

Mk, I’m going to use this post in particular to detail out any particular updates.

Alright, first to set things straight. Yesterday was interesting because the provider restarted the server, so.. that would be why for the odd downtime. So, that wasn’t the actual move. They are still configuring hardware for the actual move to occur, and when this is finished they will send out an email in one week of notice.

Now for the second thing. I put in a request for an IPv6 address, and so help me if I can figure it out. XD An IPv4 will still be available, so don’t worry. LoliFox and Ganymede will not be IPv6 compatible, fair reference, so if y’all want to use IPv6, you must use Luna via It will require me recompiling all the servers to at least recognize the new protocol as I don’t believe I had done that.

So what will this mean? Well, not much. I can’t utilize IPv6, so I’m unable to actually test it out to make sure its working. I think I have a friend who could help though in this endeavor. Something I’ll ask when I see him around. Y’all must be thinking I’m nuts, but hey, I like a challenge that gets my brain thinking for once. XP Anywho… stay tuned for updates.

Update 1: Click Here
Update 2: Click Here
Update 3: Click Here
Update 4: Click Here

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