Server Change

Looks like Luna is getting a server move. When, I don’t know. The original provider had sold the original servers to a new one, and thus the server will be moved to a new datacenter. Now this is what that will mean. 1. There is a new DDoS mitigation filter on it, so the random downtime from before won’t be as bad as it had been at one point. 2. We’re going to be deciding about staying with them or not from the move. Not sure what’s going to happen about that right now. 3. There may be a slight downtime of Luna as I would have to reconfigure the server again to get things back up and running.

When I get word about when this move will occur, I may shut down Luna before hand, wait for the move, get things configured again, and get it back up. How long this will take, I’m not so sure right now. Too many variables right now to list to give any accurate time line.

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