Going Offline? Nope.

Y’all may have heard about the protest for today that is against SOPA and PIPA that’s making their way through the US Government. I’ll make it clear, we, as ShadowHime staff, are against the two bills. But, we aren’t we going offline? No, its not to do with the fact we’re not popular or anything. I just don’t see a point as to why.

Wikipedia went offline, some other sites are as well, for 24 hours in a black-out as a protest. Coming from me, protests can work, but at the same time, they don’t. I don’t see a need, personally, to shut down ShadowHime’s website and forum in a protest that will most likely do very little against the two bills. What other site admins do is their business though, so if they wish to shut down, they’re welcome to do so.

There’s quite a few resources here on this site, as well as the forum that help the users is one reason why I won’t shut down my site.

Keep in mind, I don’t plan to post anything political here, nor on the forum. What goes on IRC is another matter, and we do have a channel for it: #politics. But I will say this. US Government is corrupted, has been for over a century. If nothing stops or delays the two bills, they will be passed before the 2012 elections occur. I firmly believe they will end up getting passed, bringing the destruction of the Internet pretty quick. Call me pessimistic if you wish, but I don’t see how these two bills will be stopped with the current administration. They want to stop piracy, but they don’t know the first thing how the Internet works, nor its fundamental values either. But don’t forget, there are many big name companies that are lobbying for the bills to pass, and they have the money to prove it.

You may ask me what I think might work… Eh, not easy. I’ll say this at least. Google for a list of companies that support SOPA/PIPA. Boycott them to make them understand your position. My own ISP is supportive of the motion, yet there’s nothing I can do. Time Warner is my current ISP, AT&T is my only other option, and they also have support for the same objective. Boycotting in my case would be pointless as that would leave me without an internet connection.

There y’all go. ShadowHime will not be going offline. Protesting in that sense is meaningless to me and serves no purpose in that regard. There are better ways to protest bills and acts of Congress than to take a website offline, even if its to show what could happen if they do pass in the end.

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