Luna Temporarily Offline

I forgot to update the Information page, but I guess its a good thing I didn’t. Server stability has gone crap the past few days with the Luna server, so for the moment, only Ganymede and LoliFox are accessible. I don’t know what’s causing the downtime right now, but if things aren’t fixed at some point tomorrow or the next day, I’m gonna raise hell. The huge downtime is one thing, but with random instability, not quite appealing, is it? Anyway, just a heads up. has been updated to remove Luna from its DNS for now, but will remain even though it may not work. If it doesn’t, there’s a chance it may not be linked with the main server network, in which case, use the other two addresses under the respective server.

One last note. I’m having more trouble with StatServ again, and at the moment, I’m debating on what I’m going to do about it. Turning on SQL with it is causing the stupid thing to freeze up and crash. So, there’s a chance I may not even bring it back at this point… Just leaving that out there just in case.

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