Luna is Going Away

The constant DDoS’ing of the main datacenter and I doubt they’re going to get better DDoS mitigation when it continues to take ’em offline, I’m no longer going to do business with them. Their support is good, but their servers are not. Thus, we will be short one server for now with LoliFox being a temporary hub until I can look into another service. I’m thinking of talking to the people who run the actual servers that LoliFox is on and see about setting one up there on another datacenter, if possible, and go from there. That’s the idea anyway.

With that being said, DNS records have been updated, so please allow for 48 hours for things to settle down and ISP’s to flush their DNS cache. (the good ISP’s, most are stupid these days…) should take you to either Ganymede or LoliFox, and I’m going to terminate the process on Luna and we’ll go from there. I can’t use my server box here because my internet is unstable as hell, which won’t make it ideal to host anything much. Sucks with the crap I have to deal with, but such is my ISP…

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