Permanent Loss of Luna

Since it keeps going down every other day as of late, causing the entire network to split, I’m not going to bother with that datacenter anymore. There’s just no point. I’ve got two options lined up right now, Kalshion may take on one, while I do the other. That way, although it is quite a bit for such a small network, 3 dedicated servers in datacenters is ideal for some redundancy in case one suffers a total outage that could happen.

If anyone has noticed, yes, it was linked, but I never actually added back into the round robin DNS. I was going through a test run the past couple weeks and it ran fine for a little while until recently. When Luna kicked off, it split the entire network up, and we don’t like that. There’s a chance Luna will come back later in the year under a different datacenter. In which case, I have one more service lined up after that for another special moniker of an MOTD (like LoliFox because I’m special that way, though if you contact me when we need servers, we might be able to work something out) server for in the future.

Ganymede so far has been a rather stable server currently, ran by Soultaker at his home. We’ve got another leaf possibly coming up soon that we’ll probably test run in the mean time, but I’ll withhold most of that information for now. Though, with plans of possibility of 3 real servers, I may decide to use his services for something else, depending on what is needed. Currently I’m not sure, something I’ll think about it because I don’t want to spread the users (of what little we have) across too many different servers. That would fragment it quite a bit… Idea is that Luna will be hub, so I’ll probably keep its IP out of the round robin DNS (the in case some may have forgotten), with any leaf servers connected. That way, it’ll be somewhat easier to manage and that the leaf’s won’t fragment too much of the network.. that is unless the hub goes offline, which would royally suck.

That’s all I got for news right now. I’ll post more later on when I have a bit of time. Most of these talks have been behind closed doors (though they not very often mind you), because nothing has been finalized, and I hate giving out info that isn’t final yet. Just not how I like to do things personally speaking.

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