LoliFox Temporarily Down

I’ve tried every possible thing I can think of to get that server back online. For the life of me, nothing I did worked. SSL port is borked bad after I did an upgrade on the server for the software. I don’t know what happened, but something broke it and all my configs are fine. Luna is still operating normally, so anyone is still able to use or to connect to the functioning server.

With that, the services are also out of whack. I tried to get them to remotely connect, but every possible setting does not want to work and I’m not about to reconfigure everything again. I might move the services onto Luna maybe, but I’m still debating on that. It may be for the better.. Though I am grateful to the person who did generously provide the server for LoliFox, but its been causing me nothing but trouble for some unknown reasons. Hence the initial software upgrade which has gone completely awry with all sorts of issues. I let the person know who handles the main bit of the server itself because its beyond my control now.

I will keep updated as necessary when I have more info to post.

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