OMG Donations!

Holy crap on a stick, there’s a donation page?!?!?!?!

Matter of fact, yeah. Its mainly for hosting my bot which I use for other things too. As some of you know, I run an XDCC bot for Exiled-Destiny, which I encode for and am staff for. Been that way for roughly a couple years now actually, with the bot hosting beginning at the year.The bill isn’t cheap, believe me. The “goal” is a rough estimate, it could be more, or less. It depends on if I’m going to add in another HDD or not. But believe me, every little bit will help in paying that bill.

Will I solicit for donations? No. Will the offer be there? Yep. I will make it explicitly clear on this post here (which will be sticky for a few weeks) on what the funds will be used for. (I will make it clear on the donate page at a later date from this post) There will be 3 things the funds will be used for.

  1. The primary use will be the upkeep of E-D|Mashiro.
  2. If the funds cover more than the bill, the rest will cover the web hosting bill.
  3. Occasionally, they could be used to upgrade the HDD in the server to provide more space.

In the event of the third one, I may make a separate donation drive for it. Of course, I can pay out of pocket for it if the need arises. More space means more content to provide for everyone for their personal enjoyment. The web hosting bill is rather cheap, so paying that is no big deal on my part. But Mashiro is quite the hungry fox, and her food is a bit of a delicacy between foxes… You get the picture.

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