IRC Upgrades and Services

I’ve got some big plans and I’ve been doing a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff the past couple days. I need to do a few other things before I actually get to upgrading the IRC servers and services, but they’ll provide new features that I’ve long been waiting for personally.

The IRC server itself is pretty secure in its own way due to my own strict rules for oper privileges. SSL being the requirement, as well as a valid fingerprint, so no one is going to get those very easily. The services has always lacked an identification method for fingerprint ID, and that was finally added in from an update not long ago. Problem? I have to redo the entire config, which I’m not looking forward to.

Grant it, I’ve got Luna’s config done and I’ll do a quick test run to make sure things work as intended. So yes, that will mean a de-link will occur from LoliFox temporarily. Of course, I won’t do all that until I’m actually done with the config files, and that’ll take me a few more days anyway to complete that. At least I’m a third of the way through, so I guess its not all that bad.

As far as the IRC server itself is concerned, there are no real new features to speak of as its mostly all the same. Its mostly just some security patches and bugs squashed, with a few new modules that I’ll most likely not need. The services will be getting a huge update, which means I’ll need to add in a tutorial page it looks for a new access type being introduced: flags. There is also a new access level as well, QOP (I assume?) which allows for auto-owner status (~). Its default level is 9999, and some service modules have been seen to have 3rd party addons to support such a thing, which is now default. But I think those using SSL certificates in your client, will love the new fingerprint identification being available finally. That was one thing I was waiting for a long time now…

Alright, with all that out of the way, I will keep updated on this while I’m able to continue working on the config files and such.

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