About This Network

Information about ShadowHime IRC

ShadowHime IRC is a place aimed to please any anime fan looking for a place to talk!
Our little network is a place where you can share your thoughts on various pieces of anime, manga, doujins, or even start up role-plays if you wish. But that’s not our main focus. We allow basically anything on our network within rules to join and chat with us!

Server Status

Current Stats:
Server: Luna (Hub), or
|- Offline
Server: LoliFox,
|- Offline

Port Scanning

So what is it really?

Port scanning scans your IP address or hostname upon connecting to the IRC. What this does is that it scans the port that you are using to connect to IRC to check whether or not there is a proxy. A proxy is essentially a way of giving you an anonymous feel on the internet, but is also used to evade bans and such. As such, we at ShadowHime, do not and will not allow proxies to be used to connect to the server. If you are caught with one, you will be KLINED from the server for 5 days. This is your first, and final warning you will get.

False Positive

What if I don’t use a proxy, yet still get banned?

False positives may happen, and if you think your ban may be in error, then please email TwinShadow via and ask to have it removed. Please, make sure you give one of us the message as to why you were banned. Failing to do so won’t help you getting it removed and having us to add an exception. In the subject line of your email, at least include Ban Removal for us to look at.