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Channel/User Modes

Yep, I got around to making a list of the available channel modes for IRC. I doubt these will change, so have fun with them. ^_^ You can find the mode listing under the Tutorials link.

IRC Domain

As it turns out, I ended up paying for two domains, go figure. XP So, I might as well keep them since I could use one for my forum, and this one for IRC, and possibly some other stuff. I don’t know. XP

Anyway, you can now connect to the ShadowHime IRC via this address:


There ya go! Have fun on the network. ^_^

Tutorials Now Available!

Available Tutorials

  • Connecting to the network. – However, the domain is not available. Will update once it is.
  • NickServ
  • HostServ
  • BotServ – Added: July 20th, 12:20 PM Central
  • ChanServ Part1 – Added: July 21st, 2:30 PM Central
  • ChanServ Part2 – Added: July 22nd, 6:20 PM CentraL

I’ve been doing a lot of work with these tutorials to match ShadowNet as I originally wrote these for But regardless, I’ve gotten the basic tutorials online so they are ready to use… besides one actually, but I’ll have it up just because. I’ll provide further updates as they come along.

Nora’s Staff Page

Noratetsu will be working on the staff page for his side of things when he can. He’s got a temporary placeholder for the time being, but expect to see more in due time. I’m sure he’ll come by and post an update when he’s done. =P Mine has been done since I started this blog in the first place. Only took me about 10 minutes of copying and pasting from what I already had on my local server. ^_^

One more note, Naomi, on the staff page, is my clone in case my main client doesn’t want to work anymore and ends up crashing and fails to start. At least then I’ll have a backup in case it’s needed. I think I’ll create a profile for her perhaps, but don’t worry, it is still me. (as clearly stated on the staff page)

New Site and IRC!

I have to say I’m quite pleased with the way how this template is turning out. Nice, simple, yet effective. I think we’ll use this unless our other administrator has other ideas. XD

Let’s see, how to put it… Well, we’re still doing a lot of things and all that, but we’re getting there. The IRC is fully up and operational, but the problem is the domain isn’t being redirected right now, and I don’t want to put the server’s IP address up here. (Not like you can’t see it when connecting anyway, but still…) Please bear with us while we sort things out. =^.~=

Some updates

I decided to use a blog system to help keep track of stuff. Hey, at least we’re more organized now. =P Nora and I will be periodically updating this with stuff, so stay tuned for more information. ^_^