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Big FAQ Update

I’ve done some major changes to the FAQ to better reflect how the ShadowHime Network is structured. With the introduction of two particular bots, E-D|Flandre and E-D|Remilia, two bots with anime on them from Exiled-Destiny, I’ve went ahead and allowed, to some extent, XDCC bots on the network. Bots and fservers do still have to get some approval from a staff member, but we’re more laxed about it now than what I originally had in the FAQ. I’ll give the relevant block that was changed in a big way.
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LoliFox Temporarily Down

I’ve tried every possible thing I can think of to get that server back online. For the life of me, nothing I did worked. SSL port is borked bad after I did an upgrade on the server for the software. I don’t know what happened, but something broke it and all my configs are fine. Luna is still operating normally, so anyone is still able to use or to connect to the functioning server.

With that, the services are also out of whack. I tried to get them to remotely connect, but every possible setting does not want to work and I’m not about to reconfigure everything again. I might move the services onto Luna maybe, but I’m still debating on that. It may be for the better.. Though I am grateful to the person who did generously provide the server for LoliFox, but its been causing me nothing but trouble for some unknown reasons. Hence the initial software upgrade which has gone completely awry with all sorts of issues. I let the person know who handles the main bit of the server itself because its beyond my control now.

I will keep updated as necessary when I have more info to post.

Another update for Luna!

Good grief, been a while since I last posted, huh?

Ok, straight to the point. I bought a server a couple months ago for another purpose, but because it is a quad core server, there’s a lot more I can do with it than just host IRC bots for transferring files and such. So, I decided to open up Luna on that server and have it go for a test run for a while. Working pretty well to my amazement.

What does that mean for ShadowHime? WE HAVE A HUB FINALLY! Yep, I’m paying out-of-pocket for that server, so we now have two actual servers. One for a hub, another as a leaf. Will it get in the round-robin? No. Why? Because the hub acts as a gateway for other servers to connect to, and it makes it much easier for splits to reconnect the servers back so I don’t have to do much. The last thing I need to do is move the services over there, but that shouldn’t be terribly difficult, just been busy the past while.

Offered Server

Got a server offer maybe, so at the moment its a matter of working out the smaller details about how things will be done. It will not be Luna, but under a different name, as I’m waiting for a VPS or Dedicated box to put Luna on as a hub. I’ve got some ideas perhaps on that, but its an investment I’ll have to think about.

Luna Temporarily Offline

I forgot to update the Information page, but I guess its a good thing I didn’t. Server stability has gone crap the past few days with the Luna server, so for the moment, only Ganymede and LoliFox are accessible. I don’t know what’s causing the downtime right now, but if things aren’t fixed at some point tomorrow or the next day, I’m gonna raise hell. The huge downtime is one thing, but with random instability, not quite appealing, is it? Anyway, just a heads up. has been updated to remove Luna from its DNS for now, but will remain even though it may not work. If it doesn’t, there’s a chance it may not be linked with the main server network, in which case, use the other two addresses under the respective server.

One last note. I’m having more trouble with StatServ again, and at the moment, I’m debating on what I’m going to do about it. Turning on SQL with it is causing the stupid thing to freeze up and crash. So, there’s a chance I may not even bring it back at this point… Just leaving that out there just in case.

Discrepancy in Stats

There were a few issues that I didn’t know about with the stats service.. so.. there will be a little discrepancy in the way the graphs show. There’s a big hole in them where-as the SearchIRC graphs will not, as there were no real downtime. Just that it couldn’t connect to the MySQL database for a few days. I self-host it, at least the service itself, so intermittent downtime is likely. At least until I get cron working for it.. its being pesky…

Anyway, I might move it over to a dedicated box perhaps so it’ll stay online, but we’ll see.