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LoliFox Server Upgraded

Yep, our cute little lolifox has a new server, this one on a nice box too provided by one of my old friends from a few years ago. If she wants to be mentioned, well that’s her choice. XP

Anyway, at least now if my internet goes out, LoliFox will remain. I still host the LoliFox bot myself (I want to do more stuff with her, but hard to find good coders anymore) and the stats stuff, but otherwise everything has been rather stable as of late.

Other than that, nothing new. I did do a little tinkering with the Censor configuration and added a few words in there, and I’m open to ideas on what to add if anyone wants to send any to me. Otherwise, your basics are covered in the censor for anyone wishing to use it.

Statistics Page

‘Bout time ain’t it? I finally got a stats service running along with a site to go with it, so its all purrdy. Yes, purrdy, not pretty… purrdy. Texan in me. =P

Ok, that aside.. you can follow the Stats link on the right side (making an iframe would be too much of a hassle on a WordPress page, trust me), and while the post is here, y’all can use this link: ShadowHime Stats. Have fun, and expect a few changes soon when I update the CSS info to reflect ShadowHime colors… and change a few images.

Server Info Updated

Alright then, the Information page has been updated to include the new server info. The is set to a round robin, so you may get either server, while the other one,, will get you to the new one.

On a side-note, SSL is supported on both servers. I think I forgot to update something in the tutorials area or something, so I’ll fix that when I get a free moment.

Before anyone asks me, no, I have no intentions of supporting IPv6 at this time. Its still a pretty new tech (kinda.. its been around for some time over in Europe), but since we’re US-based, there are barely any IPv6 providers and such. None of the servers are compiled for IPv6 support at this time. If it becomes widely popular, maybe then I’ll reconsider on recompiling the servers for the support.

DNS Issues [Fixed]

This is an odd one. The has been working, but now it doesn’t. I think when I renewed the domain, the arecord got deleted somehow which provided the ability to use to connect to the server. Funny, because my still works fine for stuff I do locally and all that. Well, I sent in a request to my web host and see what he has to say. If anything, this should be fixed by the time you even see this post.

[Fixed] Read the comments.

IRCd Upgrade Done

I had a bit of time and found out a way to make a backup of all the configs, and the databases for the services, so I got those which saved me a bit of time, thankfully. We’re running the latest stable version of InspIRCd now, which is 2.0.5. I had to muck around with it a bit and fix some dumb mistakes I did (I’m human too~) to get it running again, so took a little longer than intended.

Now on another matter. The server has been rather up and down lately, or a daily PMS. Its getting stupid, I know.. but its beyond my control. However, EvilEntity is getting a box prepared for me to use as a server box, and I’ll just self-host the IRC server itself. I’ll post more updates regarding that as time goes on, but if luck is with me, I should have it by the end of the month at the latest.

IRCd Upgrade Soon

I’m gonna plan out upgrading the IRCd soon to the latest stable version that’s available. I need to copy the configs so that they match and that’s going to take me a while. The copy of the configs I have locally are not quite as up-to-date as I’d like, but they only need minor tweaking to fix that, so they’re not far off. I’ll post more updates as I can and when available.

Far as features go, I don’t believe anything new will be around for public use, maybe a few updated/new channel and user modes perhaps to play with. I’m not sure, I’ll do some documentation if needed and update where necessary.

On another note, it may be apparent that there have been issues on the server. I do apologize (rather late) for that, and I’m trying to figure out what to do. I have two friends who are going to help me out with obtaining a couple boxes and we’ll just self-host ShadowHime. I’m tired of piggy-backing and its time to self-host things. The web server will remain where its at, but the IRC itself will move and hopefully it’ll be seemless. At least that way if an issue occurs, I’ll have plenty of people to talk to in case something goes wrong and I don’t know how to fix it. You can thank EvilEntity for one of those boxes as he’ll be able to provide a box for us here, so be sure to give him a beep if you see him online in #insanity_refuge.