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No, this isn’t a redirect of the main domain. =P

I actually asked my hosting provider of the domain to see if he wouldn’t mind adding the redirect in the A Record for us. Of course, this isn’t on this particular host, he doesn’t allow IRC processes, so it’s on a separate server.

Anyway, I ask that anyone using the domain to please update your links. I’ll have the domain up for one more month before I cancel the domain registration. Again, please update them links! =^.^=

Port Scanning

Just thought I’d let everyone know that I’ve got a port scanner going for the IRC. Basically, what this will do is scan your IP for any sort of proxy being used when you connect. If nothing is found, you will be fine and allowed to connect. Where-as, if you are indeed found with a proxy, you will be KLINED from the server for 5 days, no questions asked.

This is your first and final warning. I will update the Information page with the relevant information, as I do not, and will not, allow proxies to be used to connect to the IRC server.

Fantasy Commands

For some people familiar with IRC, may know about the fantasy commands. For those who don’t, I’ll give you a short explanation here.

Fantasy commands are basically alternative ways to control your channel with shortened commands that are much easier to remember than having to go through ChanServ or BotServ perhaps. Many people like them, and maybe some that don’t, but they are there for those who would like to use them.

At this time, I do not have a list of all the commands available, however if your connected to the IRC, then type “.help” (no quotes) to get some information for the various commands. I will eventually have something up when I get the time, but I hope everyone will like them. ^_^

CGI:IRC Support

Ok, in all technicality, CGI:IRC is basically what allows people to connect to the server via external means rather than an IRC client like mIRC or X-Chat, or even Ircle on the Mac. The support gives the added benefit that no one has to download a dedicated client, and use a service such as

At this very time, the only protocol allowed is Mibbit, a web-based IRC client using AJAX rather than Java, which is slower to respond and must be re-compiled each time it is run. However, people can use whatever they wish. To join ShadowHime through Mibbit, just enter our IRC link (leave the irc:// off ^_~), enter a channel and your all set.

New Site and IRC!

I have to say I’m quite pleased with the way how this template is turning out. Nice, simple, yet effective. I think we’ll use this unless our other administrator has other ideas. XD

Let’s see, how to put it… Well, we’re still doing a lot of things and all that, but we’re getting there. The IRC is fully up and operational, but the problem is the domain isn’t being redirected right now, and I don’t want to put the server’s IP address up here. (Not like you can’t see it when connecting anyway, but still…) Please bear with us while we sort things out. =^.~=