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Sad Story For a Great Manga

Do y’all remember a long time ago when I posted about backing up a particular manga series? You know, for Kodomo no Jikan. Yeah, that one… Well, for those not aware, I’ll summarize.
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Kodomo no Jikan is coming!

Holy crap I have a use for this tag?

Anyway, I’m not going to beat around the bush.

If y’all want Kodomo no Jikan, THEN BACK THIS DAMN PROJECT IMMEDIATELY! Like, don’t even bother finish reading this post. Just click that link, back it, however much you want, and get a legit copy when it comes. Like, I’m not kidding. Stop reading this.

You’re still reading my post aren’t you? WHY HAVEN’T YOU BACKED THE DAMN PROJECT?!?!?!?!