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What’s this? StatServ is back?!

In all seriousness, I did a bit of thinking and decided to bring it back and run it on one of the servers. Its running a lot better since MySQL will be local on that box. Problem: phpDenora can’t remote to the database at the moment, and I haven’t been able to get in touch with the person about that. Believe the reason is college and stuff, so it may be a few days before that’s back.

Keep an eye out for updates and I’ll post something on Twitter when I got it going finally. I already made the changes, so its just a matter of waiting now.

Offered Server

Got a server offer maybe, so at the moment its a matter of working out the smaller details about how things will be done. It will not be Luna, but under a different name, as I’m waiting for a VPS or Dedicated box to put Luna on as a hub. I’ve got some ideas perhaps on that, but its an investment I’ll have to think about.

Luna is Going Away

The constant DDoS’ing of the main datacenter and I doubt they’re going to get better DDoS mitigation when it continues to take ’em offline, I’m no longer going to do business with them. Their support is good, but their servers are not. Thus, we will be short one server for now with LoliFox being a temporary hub until I can look into another service. I’m thinking of talking to the people who run the actual servers that LoliFox is on and see about setting one up there on another datacenter, if possible, and go from there. That’s the idea anyway.

With that being said, DNS records have been updated, so please allow for 48 hours for things to settle down and ISP’s to flush their DNS cache. (the good ISP’s, most are stupid these days…) should take you to either Ganymede or LoliFox, and I’m going to terminate the process on Luna and we’ll go from there. I can’t use my server box here because my internet is unstable as hell, which won’t make it ideal to host anything much. Sucks with the crap I have to deal with, but such is my ISP…

Luna Back, Sorta

Luna is back in the round robin DNS, but things are still not as stable as I’d like. I was told the main datacenter is being DDoS’ed occasionally and it still gets taken offline. I don’t know how long this will continue or not, but if it does, I may decide to drop the server entirely and just stick to the two we have. I can’t really continue using a service if they’re going to be attacked constantly and taken offline. That isn’t my idea of stability, so I need a stable enough server with better DDoS mitigation in the event of an attack. We’ll see how it goes in the next few months, and if things don’t improve, we will drop the provider and possibly seek a new one for the main hub server for ShadowHime.

Luna Temporarily Offline

I forgot to update the Information page, but I guess its a good thing I didn’t. Server stability has gone crap the past few days with the Luna server, so for the moment, only Ganymede and LoliFox are accessible. I don’t know what’s causing the downtime right now, but if things aren’t fixed at some point tomorrow or the next day, I’m gonna raise hell. The huge downtime is one thing, but with random instability, not quite appealing, is it? Anyway, just a heads up. has been updated to remove Luna from its DNS for now, but will remain even though it may not work. If it doesn’t, there’s a chance it may not be linked with the main server network, in which case, use the other two addresses under the respective server.

One last note. I’m having more trouble with StatServ again, and at the moment, I’m debating on what I’m going to do about it. Turning on SQL with it is causing the stupid thing to freeze up and crash. So, there’s a chance I may not even bring it back at this point… Just leaving that out there just in case.

Luna Update

Mk, I’m going to use this post in particular to detail out any particular updates.

Alright, first to set things straight. Yesterday was interesting because the provider restarted the server, so.. that would be why for the odd downtime. So, that wasn’t the actual move. They are still configuring hardware for the actual move to occur, and when this is finished they will send out an email in one week of notice.

Now for the second thing. I put in a request for an IPv6 address, and so help me if I can figure it out. XD An IPv4 will still be available, so don’t worry. LoliFox and Ganymede will not be IPv6 compatible, fair reference, so if y’all want to use IPv6, you must use Luna via It will require me recompiling all the servers to at least recognize the new protocol as I don’t believe I had done that.

So what will this mean? Well, not much. I can’t utilize IPv6, so I’m unable to actually test it out to make sure its working. I think I have a friend who could help though in this endeavor. Something I’ll ask when I see him around. Y’all must be thinking I’m nuts, but hey, I like a challenge that gets my brain thinking for once. XP Anywho… stay tuned for updates.

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