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Server Change

Looks like Luna is getting a server move. When, I don’t know. The original provider had sold the original servers to a new one, and thus the server will be moved to a new datacenter. Now this is what that will mean. 1. There is a new DDoS mitigation filter on it, so the random downtime from before won’t be as bad as it had been at one point. 2. We’re going to be deciding about staying with them or not from the move. Not sure what’s going to happen about that right now. 3. There may be a slight downtime of Luna as I would have to reconfigure the server again to get things back up and running.

When I get word about when this move will occur, I may shut down Luna before hand, wait for the move, get things configured again, and get it back up. How long this will take, I’m not so sure right now. Too many variables right now to list to give any accurate time line.

Ganymede Port Update

This won’t get a forum post, since its just a minor thing. After a lot of mucking around, Soultaker finally decided to just get a second IP and modem for the server to use, so now all of the necessary ports are opened for IRC. So, for those who want to use SSL for it, 6697 and 9999 both work fine, so you may use either one. Or the standard ports work fine too, up to you on how you connect to the server.

LoliFox Server Upgraded

Yep, our cute little lolifox has a new server, this one on a nice box too provided by one of my old friends from a few years ago. If she wants to be mentioned, well that’s her choice. XP

Anyway, at least now if my internet goes out, LoliFox will remain. I still host the LoliFox bot myself (I want to do more stuff with her, but hard to find good coders anymore) and the stats stuff, but otherwise everything has been rather stable as of late.

Other than that, nothing new. I did do a little tinkering with the Censor configuration and added a few words in there, and I’m open to ideas on what to add if anyone wants to send any to me. Otherwise, your basics are covered in the censor for anyone wishing to use it.

Yet Another Server!

Well, I got that last server I’ve been wishing for. Thanks to a friend on Rizon, BloodRayne / SoulTaker, he decided to ‘donate’ his box for us to use and link to ShadowHime!

Be proud, I went through hell trying to get the damn thing to work properly. Anyway, there’s only one minor change with this server. SSL is still available, but for this one in particular (Ganymede), it’ll only be available via port 6697. 9999 will not work on that server in particular, but the other 2 will be fine with either port.

Anyway, Info page will be updated, so please enjoy your stay here!

Ooh, another server?

I like having redundant servers, and 3 would be a good max for the time being. I have a friend who I’ve known for a while that might be willing to go ahead and have a server linked to ours, while in the meantime, I can help him do a few things and learn the world of Linux.

There are no plans set in stone right now, but I’ll keep up-to-date about it and we’ll see how things go. If this third server does come, then I will no longer accept any additional ones for the time being until the userbase grows. The main luna server will act as a hub while the rest will be leaf servers, so to speak.

Server Info Updated

Alright then, the Information page has been updated to include the new server info. The is set to a round robin, so you may get either server, while the other one,, will get you to the new one.

On a side-note, SSL is supported on both servers. I think I forgot to update something in the tutorials area or something, so I’ll fix that when I get a free moment.

Before anyone asks me, no, I have no intentions of supporting IPv6 at this time. Its still a pretty new tech (kinda.. its been around for some time over in Europe), but since we’re US-based, there are barely any IPv6 providers and such. None of the servers are compiled for IPv6 support at this time. If it becomes widely popular, maybe then I’ll reconsider on recompiling the servers for the support.