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ShadowHime is Coming Back!

Yep, that’s right. ShadowHime is coming back! And with a few changes to boot…

So why haven’t I posted in forever? Because I’ve been too busy with other things. But I am very active in the anime community though, so if you know how to search for me, you’ll see. Anyway, a good friend of mine, Kalshion, was kind enough to purchase an IRCd package for his website, Insanity Stories Prelude and I manage the IRC server, so to speak.

Now here’s the thing. Due to a hard drive crash on my laptop, I actually did lose all my original configs, so I had to make new ones and all that. Not a fun thing mind you, but it can’t be helped. Even the databases were lost because the backup I did have was actually corrupt from the start. Go figure….

I’ve already made some changes to the Channel Modes so they are not up-to-date. User-modes will be updated soon enough, and I’m sure you noticed a change or two since I have been updating WordPress off and on as it is updated. Stay tuned for further updates before I let this server go public. Channels will be updated, and this time, there will not be as many official channels, so just bare that in mind. Which reminds me, I need to set up a page for Kalshion maybe since well.. he will be part of staff of course. Noratetsu I’m not sure…… I’ll think about it. *whistles*

One final note, HostServ rules may get a small revision, but I’m going to have to read them and see if any changes are needed. I know of one now, but that’s about it.

Server is now gone

Yep, this is final. The server is down, I turned off the processes, and there is no turning back now.

I have put in a final request to cancel the payments and the server is now offline. Don’t try and change my mind, I’m not this time. After I’ve been contacted for a possible use, I never got a reply back and now I feel somewhat stupid for doing that. (waiting about a week or two didn’t really seem to help the matter)

With that, the ShadowHime IRC is now gone, but not dead. I kept the configurations if I want to revive it in a different form at some point in the future. But for now, there’s more important things to do than keep an IRC running when no one is going to use it.

The blog will remain here, but I doubt I’ll put out any updates or anything for quite a while. I still have my CG stuff on this domain anyway that I manage, so one way or another, this place is staying unless I do something different for it.

Server Closed

Yep, effective now, the server is pretty much closed. Whether or not we’ll come back as an IRC network, who knows… No one is really coming here, did as much advertising as I could, but nothing actually helped. So, I’ve canceled future payments and all that.

[edit] June 25
Mk, I lied for now. The very night I posted this, apparently someone I knew from some time ago came on looking for an IRC. Grant it, I closed off the server to anime-fans only, but right now, I’m waiting to see how things go for a couple weeks before I make a true cancel on the payment.

I’ll make yet one more post to see whether or not ShadowHime is actually going to stay. So, its all up in the air right now.

Server Down… (not anymore)

Nothing to do with the site, as this is on a separate server. However, the IRC server itself will be down for a while. Actually, it’s been down before I got a chance to finally notice until now.

I’m gonna find out what’s going on, because at the moment, we just lost pretty much everything. First it started out with IdleRPG, but I wasn’t worried about that because no one was using it. Now, it’s the services that got overwritten with blanks. Meaning, our channels are gone, nicknames are no longer registered, among other things that we’ve done. Basically, we lost everything.

Hopefully I’ll be able to find out what’s going on and bring all this back up. I really hope I don’t have to reconfig all this again, but if I have to, I will. Even if it was a tedious task then, everything tends to be anyway when tending to the servers. But for the time being, server is down right now, and I’m not sure how long. Anyone who wants to know more possibly, can drop a message on the forum after registering and getting your account activated by myself. (shouldn’t take long really)

[edit] Read the comments for updates.

Mibbit Changes

Alright then, with a bit of work and changing of some configurations, I’ve asked the staff of Mibbit (what we use for the web client) to add our network into their database so that the client will report the IP’s of the users in the hostname rather than the Mibbit IP that it has reported.

This should help with banning problematic users much easier, as the IP was only reported in the IDENT field of the host. With that out of the way, rehashing the server, reloaded a module a couple of times, it all works now. =^.^= I thank the staff of Mibbit for helping out with this, and it should make things much easier for us to help our users.

Server Crash?

Something happened at around 8 AM Central time and that really made a mess of things.

I think most of the data is ok, but not on IdleRPG. Something literally crashed the database and now our accounts are no longer there. I thought I had a backup, but obviously not since those have been overwritten. Go figure…

Until we get some more users interested in IdleRPG, I will continue to leave it off until interests spark for it. I don’t know exactly what went on, but oh well… not like anyone really used it right now.

Oh yeah, hopefully we’ll have some surprises for the lot of you if you’d like some more.. features added here.