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New CAPTCHA for the Forum

I’m probably going to do the same for the blog too actually, but some of the spam comments I see in my queue are rather hilarious in how so painfully obvious spam they are. I’ll think about it, but for the time being the CAPTCHA has changed on the forum. Instead of the FACKWORS possibility, I got rid of the SMF default and replaced it with something a bit more… fun. Well, it has to be fun, or it wouldn’t be called FunCAPTCHA, now would it?

I think that’s all I got to report for now. I’ll still think about adding it to the blog, but I might not. The current anti-spam measure is doing a rather good job at weeding out those dumb spam comments. I just love how hard they try with the million letter comments with links all over the place. Obvious spam is.. obvious, nee~?

Down to 2 Staff Members

I guess due to the fact this network isn’t as active, I’ll just stick to two staff members for now. I’ve removed WingZero, again, for other reasons and I think this time around, I’ll keep it this way unless someone I know is willing to take it over. But for now, that’s not a priority, so we’ll see in the future.

Small Changes

Made a few small changes behind the scene stuff. Its mostly to do with the donation stuff. I did away with the progress bar, cleaned up the right side widget a little bit, and that’s about it. Don’t have much else at the moment to report on.

We’re Still Here!

We’re still very much alive, well.. I am. I’m the only one who does any work around the joint anyway.

There hasn’t been much to report, which would explain the lack of posts. Been busy in real life mostly that I didn’t want to focus on things for a while. Don’t worry, I still intend to upgrade the IRCd’s, but I’ve got much bigger things to worry about first. I just don’t know how long it’ll be before I can get that done.

Course, I notice still some traffic that goes through here, much of it is spam though that no one will ever see. Its nice to have some anti-spam measures and I don’t have to weed through it every two minutes. Just to give you an idea, there is roughly 400-800 spam comments, per month. That’s quite a bit per day when you think about it…

Updated Theme

It was a long time coming, but I updated the theme, with a few more tweaks coming later on. Most of you won’t see much on the outside as most of it was in the admin side of things. I have some ideas that I think would be good, just don’t have time right now to get to them. Expect more updates on the later on.

OMG Donations!

Holy crap on a stick, there’s a donation page?!?!?!?!

Matter of fact, yeah. Its mainly for hosting my bot which I use for other things too. As some of you know, I run an XDCC bot for Exiled-Destiny, which I encode for and am staff for. Been that way for roughly a couple years now actually, with the bot hosting beginning at the year. Read more