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Big FAQ Update

I’ve done some major changes to the FAQ to better reflect how the ShadowHime Network is structured. With the introduction of two particular bots, E-D|Flandre and E-D|Remilia, two bots with anime on them from Exiled-Destiny, I’ve went ahead and allowed, to some extent, XDCC bots on the network. Bots and fservers do still have to get some approval from a staff member, but we’re more laxed about it now than what I originally had in the FAQ. I’ll give the relevant block that was changed in a big way.
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WingZero0079 Added Back

Did some thinking for a while, and for the time being, Soultaker has been removed from staff and I’ve replaced, though at his original rank, with WingZero0079 so I can at least have someone around when I’m not.

No more updates for the time being since I don’t have anything major to report on.

What’s this? StatServ is back?!

In all seriousness, I did a bit of thinking and decided to bring it back and run it on one of the servers. Its running a lot better since MySQL will be local on that box. Problem: phpDenora can’t remote to the database at the moment, and I haven’t been able to get in touch with the person about that. Believe the reason is college and stuff, so it may be a few days before that’s back.

Keep an eye out for updates and I’ll post something on Twitter when I got it going finally. I already made the changes, so its just a matter of waiting now.

Update on Website

Its no issue that the site is back up. But actually, I was informed of something rather interesting.

This is a small-time site, not a whole lot of activity goes on here, or the IRC. I was informed by my host a couple days ago (I was busy the last couple days, hence no post about further information) regarding my account suspension. He told me something about a skyrocket in resource usage shortly after the move. I found it rather interesting considering all I do is keep the software backend up-to-date with WordPress and SMF. So, I’m curious if it was an isolated incident as he suggested, or it was a possible DoS on my site for whatever reason.

Anyway, that’s what happened apparently. I haven’t seen anything new lately, but I’ll keep my eye on it over time and just keep touch if I find anything new.

One Server Move to Another

In an interesting twist of updates, this only pertains to the site and forum themselves. So, there shouldn’t be as big of a problem with the migration unlike the IRC server move. (they’re offering some sort of compensation for it, so I already have an idea about that)

To the point. The webserver that hosts the ShadowHime website and forums, and other things too… will be moving datacenters approximately at 3 AM Eastern Time on Monday and it shouldn’t be down for more than an hour, but you never know with these moves. You’re welcome to follow the official twitter account for updates if any are available. Though, I am expecting this to go more smoothly, but we’ll see.

Official Twitter Feed (part 2)

So, long story short, I managed to secure another account for the ShadowHime name, and it will now be used as the official Twitter for the network here. It’ll mostly be used to post and maintain updates in regards to the various servers. There will currently be three people who have access to it. Myself, Soultaker, and Kalshion. I’m debating on having a handle of sorts for us, and if there is one, I will add it to our respective staff pages. It’ll most likely be two letters long, for example, mine would be TS. Soultaker would likely use ST, Kalshion being KA maybe, or something, I dunno.

I’ll post a follow-up comment in here regarding handles when I talk more about it with the other two. For now, they know about it, I still have to do a couple changes, and we’ll go from there. It’ll be used to make quick updates for server downtime and the like. That way I won’t have to make blog posts about each update or forum posts like I have been lately.