Official Channels

The official ShadowHime IRC Channel List
Channels made by staff.

These channels are made by the staff for various topics.

-=[ Current Official Channel Count: ]=- 3

#general -> A channel for your general chatter. You can talk about pretty much anything in here, just keep everything clean, alright? ^_^

#help -> The official ShadowHime Help channel. Join in and ask away at general IRC questions, including those for the various Services. You can also request your own bot for BotServ here.

#Insanity_Refuge -> Want to talk about some fanfics? Maybe set up a story? Get together with these guys and you’ll be on your way to fantasy land!

Other Channels

Although we welcome any and all users to create channels for their own purposes, just note that we, as ShadowHime staff, are not responsible for the content on those channels. We don’t monitor every single channel, and as such, users are responsible for the content that they put there.