1. What is IRC?
    IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat, very similar to instant messaging.
  2. What are voiced users?
    Users who are voiced (+v) usually can talk in moderated channels. It also signifies a friend, or provides a way of telling if the user is identified or not. They have no power.
  3. How do I get voice?
    You don’t. You either earn it or as mentioned in the last question.
  4. What are half-operators?
    Half-ops (+h) are people with the ability to ban or kick users, depending on access. They are like moderators of the channel, much like normal operators.
  5. How do I get it?
    Again, you don’t. It’s something you earn by helping people in the channel and if half-ops are needed.
  6. What are operators?
    Channel operators (+o) are people with power in the channel. They are the ones that set the rules for the channel and appoint other operators and half-operators when needed.
  7. How do I become an operator?
    For an existing channel, you earn this position. If you want to make your own channel, you’ll get an operator position automatically.
  8. How do I create a channel then?
    To create a channel, all you have to do is type /join #newchannelname. However, to register a channel, your nickname must be registered with NickServ. If it is not, then please see the NickServ tutorial on how to register. If your nickname is registered, you may then see the ChanServ tutorial about registering your channel. You can create as many channels as needed, but you are only allowed to be in 20 channels at one time.
  9. But then, is my name required to be registered?
    No. You’re not required to register on the IRC server for anything. It is only required if you plan to register your own channel(s) in our server.
  10. I was banned, but how do I get unbanned?
    There are various reasons for the bans. If you know the name of an operator in the channel, then ask him/her about the ban to see if you can be unbanned. However, pester them too much and they will just ignore your request. Operator decisions are final, so don’t question the ban if they won’t unban you. Either wait it out, or start your own channel.
  11. I started my own channel, but how do I get users to join it?
    There’s no real answer for this. All that can be done is advertise the channel.
  12. I have a channel now, and I want a botserv bot, but my own bot. How do I get one?
    As long as you follow the rules of the server, we may grant you a bot depending on circumstances. You can see the request form and rules on the Services page for BotServ.
  13. What about bots such as Eggdrop or the liking?
    As long as you don’t hammer network resources for any reason, we can allow them for channel management. Otherwise, it may not hurt to ask such questions in our #help channel.
  14. How do I find a channel list for the server?
    That’s not an easy one to answer. Some channels publicly show their channels without the need for hiding. In X-Chat, this can be found under Window -> Channel List. However, channels with the mode +s (secret) will not show in this list.
    You can also use /list in a dedicated client, or if a channel is registered, /cs list * should show some results.
  15. I keep getting kicked, but why?
    Most likely, it’s the auto-kicker system, but if an Op is kicking you, for whatever reason, then it’s best to stop what actions you may be doing.
  16. Can I be an IRC Op as well?
    You don’t contact us, we’ll contact you. ^_~

Network Related FAQ

  1. What can be talked about on your network?
    You can talk about anything related to anime. This also includes that of anime on TV, stuff not yet released in the US, manga, games, hentai stuff, etc… If its related to anime, then you’re welcome to talk about it.
  2. What about stuff not allowed to be discussed?
    We only have short list of what isn’t allowed here. The major thing we will not, and never will, allow to be discussed are illegal activities such as child porn, trafficking, smuggling, etc.. Any discussion is an immediate server ban. Bots, such as XDCC and Fileservers, are allowed following certain requirements at the discretion of a staff member.
  3. Are we allowed to use XDCC or F-Servers?
    Simple answer: Yes… and no.
    Long answer: What you may have on your bot/server are anime, manga, hentai, pictures, eroge, visual novels, music etc. and a single text file listing what the contents of the bot is. (This assumes its an XDCC bot.) As long as its anime-related, it will generally be allowed, but still must be pre-approved before official posting in a channel.
    Some things you may not have include, but not limited to, anything of real life, child porn (immediate server ban and IP reported to authorities), any EXE file, password protected archives, pirated games, etc.
  4. You mention pirated games, but aren’t visual novels and eroge games?
    On a technicality, this is true. However, visual novels and eroge are typically anime-related material, thus, are fine.
  5. Why can’t we password protect archives?
    If we can’t check what’s inside of an archive and you simply telling us what it is, why should we trust you? Its not that we don’t, we just have to be safe from viruses and trojans. You can have an archive, just that it can’t be password protected, even if you include a text file stating the password. Of course, doing that defeats the purpose of a password, correct?
  6. Would you elaborate on the pirated games then?
    Certainly. This is not a definitive list, and is meant as a generalization of content. Anime-based games that aren’t necessarily fitting the bill of an eroge or visual novel are fine. An example is Utawarerumono, a visual novel and RPG hybrid. Some examples of games not allowed are massive hits such as Call of Duty, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Unreal Tournament, etc… Basically, games that are not even remotely anime-based.
  7. Oh god please tell me loli isn’t banned!!!!11oneoneeleven11!1!!11!
    Child porn and loli are different, at least in terms of us otaku. I have no issue with lolicon content, nor do just about most of us otaku. If an anime/manga/game has loli, fine by me. Just so long as the images and stuff are not based on real-life, we’re good to go.
  8. Then do you allow 3D material?
    Nope. 3D models can, in some cases, be mistaken as being real. I’ve seen some pretty realistic stuff some years ago that were just 3D models. You only get one warning if something is found to be 3D to have it removed and that’s it.

What are K-Lines and G-Lines?

A K/GLINE is essentially a type of ban on the server. KLINE’s are only local bans, where-as GLINE’s are server-wide bans for networks using a hub of servers. As there is only one server for ShadowHime, KLINE will suffice enough.

When a KLINE is issued, and that user is in your channel, users will get a KILL message along with a reason for being KLINED. However, direct reasons as to why a user was KLINED is only left for IRC Operators and the user that was banned.

What about unbanning?

Most KLINE’s are placed in for a reason, and many may not be lifted. If you really wish to talk to us over a ban, then you may email someone on staff or post on the forum in IRC Support. This is the form we would like you to use for negotiating a lift of a ban:

  • Name used on IRC:
  • Your IP: (You may go to this site to get your IP)
  • Staff who issued the ban:
  • Why you would like to be unbanned: (This must be a detailed response, explaining your actions and what you might do to improve yourself in the future.)

When emailing one of us on the staff, you must be very detailed in your email. We may, or may not, respond to emails that don’t have a detailed enough explanation of your actions. Do not argue with staff about getting your ban lifted, you will only make things worse and your ban just that much longer before it expires. If you continue to argue, we will make the ban permanent and you will not be allowed to use the server any further. Decisions by IRC Operators are final, we do not tolerate people who argue with us over a ban.