Additional Server

It was a long time coming, and I’ve mentioned this once before a month or so ago.

Well, I finally got the new server, currently running the latest Fedora OS available (though fussy sometimes..). I’ll have a bit more info later on and I’ll add the necessary information on the pages and let y’all know. I do have it linked right now, and so far so good.

This is a self-hosting box, so bear in mind that if my internet goes out, so does it. But, at least it’ll be better to have two servers in the event either goes out. I’ll keep a copy of the services on both ends, but only one will run at a time, to prevent collisions and splits to a minimum.

And one last thing to note. This server has a special MOTD, so to speak, in place. I do have to give credit where its due… Reku is the artist for the base image I used for the ASCII art, while the program to make the ASCII art is called JavE, a freeware program coded in Java. If you wish to see the image I had used (or rather, the full image), you may click here. The site is in Japanese, but you will be able to see the image fine. If y’all want an alternate link, use this instead.

The full MOTD for the servers may get posted here, but I’ll debate on that for a bit. Anyway, as mentioned before, information for that server coming soon. will be a round robin DNS essentially, and if y’all want to use the other server specifically, I’ll have a link to it on the information page.

Slight Change in Pages

I made a slight change to the pages. Most allowed you to comment in them, but I disabled that as I didn’t want people commenting in them. Surprised I never figured that out before…

The major change will be on the Services page. I decided to move the BotServ Rules to its own little area and I’m going to make a form y’all can use if you wish to use that instead of having to go on the IRC. Bogus requests will automatically get deleted. If you had a legitimate request and it goes unanswered for a few days (say.. 5), then you may try again. If still nothing, feel free to bug us in #help about it.

Warm Welcome to WingZero!

There’s his staff page, have a read. =P

Seriously though, we’ve known each other for a couple years, high school friends, and been hanging around since then. He sums it up pretty well, so yeah. He’s a replacement for Noratetsu who hasn’t shown up in IRC for about.. 2 months I believe. EvilEntity got Global IRC Op status, and WingZero makes good for local IRC Op. He’s still learning things about IRC, but I’ve written a few tutorials already for staff members.

I believe that about takes care of this post. I’ll keep updated on the server status, so please read the comments, if any, in the previous post.

Server Move

ShadowHime will be moving to a new server based in the UK due to a prolonged DDoS on the current box. No one really knows why, but I was informed the UK datacenter appears to be much more quiet and should prove to be more stable. If this appears to be the case, I can go ahead and continue running the server as planned and we can add an additional server or two for fall-back in the event something does occur.

Stay tuned and I’ll try to keep everything up-to-date. may temporarily stop working if a new IP is obtained from this move. If this is the case, I’ll get it updated and it should work within 24 hours. Shorter if your ISP’s flush out DNS caches frequently.

[Update1] Read the comment below.

DNS Issues [Fixed]

This is an odd one. The has been working, but now it doesn’t. I think when I renewed the domain, the arecord got deleted somehow which provided the ability to use to connect to the server. Funny, because my still works fine for stuff I do locally and all that. Well, I sent in a request to my web host and see what he has to say. If anything, this should be fixed by the time you even see this post.

[Fixed] Read the comments.

New Logo~

So uh yeah, Noratetsu failed me and I waited long enough. Took upon myself to do something simple unless someone wants to do something a bit more fancy. Is it the best? No, far from it. I’m no expert in Photoshop and I barely know anyone who is. And anyone who does do graphics often require money, money of which I don’t have.

Anyway, for me, its alright. At least its anime-esque for once, so I guess that’s all that matters. I’ll see about fine-tuning a couple things when I get a chance, but I think for now, it’ll do.