IRCd Upgrade Done

I had a bit of time and found out a way to make a backup of all the configs, and the databases for the services, so I got those which saved me a bit of time, thankfully. We’re running the latest stable version of InspIRCd now, which is 2.0.5. I had to muck around with it a bit and fix some dumb mistakes I did (I’m human too~) to get it running again, so took a little longer than intended.

Now on another matter. The server has been rather up and down lately, or a daily PMS. Its getting stupid, I know.. but its beyond my control. However, EvilEntity is getting a box prepared for me to use as a server box, and I’ll just self-host the IRC server itself. I’ll post more updates regarding that as time goes on, but if luck is with me, I should have it by the end of the month at the latest.

IRCd Upgrade Soon

I’m gonna plan out upgrading the IRCd soon to the latest stable version that’s available. I need to copy the configs so that they match and that’s going to take me a while. The copy of the configs I have locally are not quite as up-to-date as I’d like, but they only need minor tweaking to fix that, so they’re not far off. I’ll post more updates as I can and when available.

Far as features go, I don’t believe anything new will be around for public use, maybe a few updated/new channel and user modes perhaps to play with. I’m not sure, I’ll do some documentation if needed and update where necessary.

On another note, it may be apparent that there have been issues on the server. I do apologize (rather late) for that, and I’m trying to figure out what to do. I have two friends who are going to help me out with obtaining a couple boxes and we’ll just self-host ShadowHime. I’m tired of piggy-backing and its time to self-host things. The web server will remain where its at, but the IRC itself will move and hopefully it’ll be seemless. At least that way if an issue occurs, I’ll have plenty of people to talk to in case something goes wrong and I don’t know how to fix it. You can thank EvilEntity for one of those boxes as he’ll be able to provide a box for us here, so be sure to give him a beep if you see him online in #insanity_refuge.

BotServ Requests Updated

Updated the requests for BotServ bots to make them less restrictive, somewhat. Nickname and Channel registrations need to be at least 15 days since registration before a request is considered. The minimum however has been reduced to only 1 channel with 5 users in them. And no, bots do not count and we will find out if that is the case. They need to be unique users and there will be checks involved, such as sending a /CTCP VERSION request, checking the IP associated, etc.

Stats page coming soon

I need to get some info about the JavaScript for the page, but once I do, I plan to have the page as a sub-page under Information. It’ll contain info about the channels, their topics, including a user count for them. At the moment, the script doesn’t agree with the fact that the background of the site is dark. Sucks, but what can you do? Expect an update within a day or so.

PayPal is evil… (server is back up)

Yeah, if y’all haven’t guessed, server went bye. We’re trying to resolve this soon, but there’s only so much I can do at this point. Let’s just say, seems like PayPal didn’t like something, and now there’s an on-going issue that Kalshion has to take care of… etc………… I’ll post a comment when its back up.

Change of Theme

I loved the Dreamline theme, but it was time for a change. Every site has to go through change one way or another.

The original theme had mostly gray links with a light blue hover for ’em. I actually changed the CSS for those (mind you, they were not easy to find on some of them..) for a more purple style that ShadowHime is associated with. Black and Purple. This theme in particular is very well-done, much like Dreamline, except it had one tiny flaw. I couldn’t effectively make a logo for it without having to do drastic changes to the background image. So, scrapped the idea and found a new theme.

I’m currently working on a new image for the logo, and I hope to have some help from Noratetsu. If not, I’ll do it all myself if needed. But I hope it doesn’t come to that. XD I won’t say what the image is though, something y’all will have to figure out on your own. Anyway, stay tuned for further updates.