IRCd Upgrade (maybe)

Seems as one of the developers for the services we use is going to be coding a module for the version that we use to support an upgraded version of the IRCd we use.

Though, the IRCd is at 1.2 RC3, the reviews for it have been relatively good and stable to consider upgrading and using it on a production environment. So, I’m actually considering on upgrading soon to see how beta testing the module goes. If all goes well, then I’ll get the stuff upgraded and be done with it.

Don’t worry, no information will be lost. All of the service stuff has their own database, and the IRCd upgrade will actually help us IRC Operators with some of the new features provided by the upgrade. There will hardly be a change in how the lot of you would talk in the IRC, as a lot of this stuff is behind-the-scenes and all that.

Server Closed

Yep, effective now, the server is pretty much closed. Whether or not we’ll come back as an IRC network, who knows… No one is really coming here, did as much advertising as I could, but nothing actually helped. So, I’ve canceled future payments and all that.

[edit] June 25
Mk, I lied for now. The very night I posted this, apparently someone I knew from some time ago came on looking for an IRC. Grant it, I closed off the server to anime-fans only, but right now, I’m waiting to see how things go for a couple weeks before I make a true cancel on the payment.

I’ll make yet one more post to see whether or not ShadowHime is actually going to stay. So, its all up in the air right now.

Server Down… (not anymore)

Nothing to do with the site, as this is on a separate server. However, the IRC server itself will be down for a while. Actually, it’s been down before I got a chance to finally notice until now.

I’m gonna find out what’s going on, because at the moment, we just lost pretty much everything. First it started out with IdleRPG, but I wasn’t worried about that because no one was using it. Now, it’s the services that got overwritten with blanks. Meaning, our channels are gone, nicknames are no longer registered, among other things that we’ve done. Basically, we lost everything.

Hopefully I’ll be able to find out what’s going on and bring all this back up. I really hope I don’t have to reconfig all this again, but if I have to, I will. Even if it was a tedious task then, everything tends to be anyway when tending to the servers. But for the time being, server is down right now, and I’m not sure how long. Anyone who wants to know more possibly, can drop a message on the forum after registering and getting your account activated by myself. (shouldn’t take long really)

[edit] Read the comments for updates.

FAQ Update

I updated the FAQ a bit to add some stuff related to just ShadowHime. Mainly to show what we specifically allow and don’t allow here on our server. Might clear up some stuff and such, in case people might ask.

As usual, be sure to check the FAQ and Tutorials pages before asking us anything on the IRC. Chances are, you’re questions are already answered.

Oh, note: I plan to re-do one or two of the tutorial pages to clean them up a bit. I was going through them and they look a little… messy, so I’m going to clean them and get them a bit more organized and hopefully easier to read.

New Theme Up!

I like the old theme, but we needed something a bit darker to fit the ShadowHime theme.

Basically, the way I see the shadow energy is an unstable mass of energy, so the black and purple seem to go well together. That’s just my opinion anyway, I’m sure people have their own.

At any rate, please let me know how the theme looks. I did some tweaking with the original theme to change the colors a tad from the original Hopefully y’all will like this theme. Now, if only I can get Nora to make some new images for us……. *glares at him*

Possible False Bans

For anyone who is going to the forum, or just this site in general, who end up getting a banned message (or a possible forbidden error or something), please give me an email at if you feel that it’s a false ban. I’ll work something out for you so you can have access again.

I have made an announcement on the forum, but to be brief here, we’ve had a user or two doing a ban evasion on me, so I’m having to do a slightly broad range for the ban to block the user(s) from our domain. So, with that, it’s very possible that I may have accidentally banned innocent users with that and could prevent access not only on the forum, but as well as our IRC server. If this is the case, then please fire me an email and I’ll work something out.

I might remove the ban, kinda depends… It’s also possible I might have to block the ISP as well and having to add exceptions for the users who shouldn’t be banned and all that. (yes, we can add exceptions in case something does happen)