Changes Coming Soon

You may be thinking what kind of changes, and whether or not they’re good or bad.

Whether or not you think this is good or bad is up to you, the reader. I won’t say the changes are right now, as I need to talk to Noratetsu about further refining on what we’re doing exactly.

Let’s just say, there are both good things about it, and bad things about it. A double-edged sword. Don’t you hate those? Yeah, I do too sometimes, but that’s life for ya.

You can follow up with the post via the comments I’ll be posting when I get the chance. I’ve been doing odds and ends stuff lately to post much.

Info Page Update

More like adding to it actually.

I think it was about time that I added a thing for false positives on the proxy scanner. Info will be on the Information page of our site, so if you get hit, you can just email us on staff to have it removed.

Mibbit Changes

Alright then, with a bit of work and changing of some configurations, I’ve asked the staff of Mibbit (what we use for the web client) to add our network into their database so that the client will report the IP’s of the users in the hostname rather than the Mibbit IP that it has reported.

This should help with banning problematic users much easier, as the IP was only reported in the IDENT field of the host. With that out of the way, rehashing the server, reloaded a module a couple of times, it all works now. =^.^= I thank the staff of Mibbit for helping out with this, and it should make things much easier for us to help our users.

Server Crash?

Something happened at around 8 AM Central time and that really made a mess of things.

I think most of the data is ok, but not on IdleRPG. Something literally crashed the database and now our accounts are no longer there. I thought I had a backup, but obviously not since those have been overwritten. Go figure…

Until we get some more users interested in IdleRPG, I will continue to leave it off until interests spark for it. I don’t know exactly what went on, but oh well… not like anyone really used it right now.

Oh yeah, hopefully we’ll have some surprises for the lot of you if you’d like some more.. features added here.

BotServ Request Rules

Yes, it’s about time I added some. They can be found on the Services page under the BotServ area. I will quote what it is here for those who need it right on the front page for now.

Request Rules

So that we don’t get flooded with requests for BotServ bots, you must meat the following criteria in order for your request to be considered.

  • You must have been registered to NickServ for at least 10 days.
  • You need to have at least 3 registered, and established channels.
  • A minimum of 10 users is required to have a request considered.

Someone on staff may monitor your channel for a day or two before any request is granted. This is to ensure that your channel is active enough to warrant your own BotServ bot.

New BotServ Command

If the lot of you would like to have a bit of fun with a BotServ bot, then here’s a command for you. The .8ball command is now available and available to use.

It’s quite simple to use actually. The only requirement is that you have a BotServ bot in your channel, or you may try your luck with our #general channel perhaps.

How to use:

.8ball Ask a question.

Ex: <Naomi> .8ball Am I smart?
<Crescent> My sources say no
<Naomi> You suck T_T
<Crescent> I’m sorry about that

The second thing said by Crescent (one of our bots for public use) was from a /bs say command, as a fair note. ^_~