New Provider

Yep, that’s right. It’s about time too, since Sh3lls is not pleasing me right now with the high ping and such.

The current server will remain for 1 more month before it will no longer be accessible. However, I will, hopefully, have the domain from pointed towards the new server in due time. I am using about a 2 week period to test the server first. You may access the new server at for the time being. That domain will also serve as our round robin DNS (more information to come once we link to another server at some point) in case we link to other servers.

The old server, again, will hang around for a bit longer. That is, unless Sh3lls want to be idiots and cancel my account before the renewal. By then, I’d be angry… I will make another follow-up post to let everyone know of any further changes. All nicknames (currently in the NickServ Database, and other *Serv’s) will be preserved, and the same goes for channels, and any requested vHosts and BotServ bots. The “noexpire” option has been enabled on the new server and will last for two months from this exact post. This means that your nickname and channel will not expire so that everyone has a chance to get situated on the new server. Once the two months are up, we will go back to our old ways again.

I thank you for your patience, and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Official Forum

Technically, I’ve had this forum around for a while now. I will be doing some changes on the forum to allow those to contact the ShadowHime staff and probably open up the registration. I ran that forum as a simple update forum for a CG page I manage, but I may as well put some other use for it now. I will have a category specific to IRC and such. However, how I will be going about that depends. I will have further updates on the matter once I get things going again. Updates for the IRC will remain on this blog and forum updates will only be posted on the forum. Information about the staff and tutorials will also remain here as well.

Possible New Provider…

Yeah, somewhat continuing a previous post I made here. The current provider, Sh3lls, is giving me some issues such as high ping and frequent disconnects. Not good, is it? So here’s the thing, depending on what happens (and whether or not I can actually afford something of what I’m planning), we’re probably going to switch to a new provider with a new twist. It’s possible we’ll stick with one server, but if we’re lucky enough, we might be able to get two IRCd’s running to link servers. In other words, one will be the main server “Yukina”, and the other is a backup that has yet to be named. The talk is still going around, and we haven’t made a full decision. One thing is for sure, if things keep up the way they have been, we will be switching soon. I will try and make it as painless as possible for everyone, at least so that we won’t get too many problems during the transition.

‘Till then, be sure to read any comments as that is where I’ll post some updates.

Our new IRC Operator!

I’d like people to welcome AHemlocksLie as our new IRC Operator! Apparently, from what I have received (very little), his was the only one that really made it through. We’ll have a staff page for him up soon enough, which I’m sure we’ll have information about him soon. ^_~

And as a fair note, from this post, all applications will no longer be accepted. So, if there are any more that we receive, we will not accept them.

Staff Apps Extended

We haven’t really gotten any applications to be part of the staff, so I’m going to go ahead and extend the deadline from the 15th of September for another week. The original was indeed Sep. 15, but since nothing came in really, I’m extending it for another week. If nothing by then, applications will be closed.

New Server Maybe?

Getting SSL enabled on the server is a pain sometimes, but it’s still not quite available… yet.

I ran into some odd errors while trying to get it enabled and I’m not very happy at the moment. So, I might get the server changed to a new host where I should have less problems getting SSL enabled.

If I do change servers, everything will remain the same, I will transfer all of the current data so none of you will lose your nicknames and such. Same goes for the bot configurations. The domain will remain the same, I just have to ask the provider of the domain to update the A Record to point to it.

I’ll post any other updates as I get them.

Quick Update
Just so anyone knows, please see the comments for this post for further updates. It will explain why the server is currently offline.