New Server Maybe?

Getting SSL enabled on the server is a pain sometimes, but it’s still not quite available… yet.

I ran into some odd errors while trying to get it enabled and I’m not very happy at the moment. So, I might get the server changed to a new host where I should have less problems getting SSL enabled.

If I do change servers, everything will remain the same, I will transfer all of the current data so none of you will lose your nicknames and such. Same goes for the bot configurations. The domain will remain the same, I just have to ask the provider of the domain to update the A Record to point to it.

I’ll post any other updates as I get them.

Quick Update
Just so anyone knows, please see the comments for this post for further updates. It will explain why the server is currently offline.

Server Upgrade

For anyone that was trying to connect to the server at around 10:30 PM Central Time (UTC -6), I took down the server to upgrade to the latest stable release. Now that the upgrade is complete, it’s now back up and running stable. Don’t worry, all of the data is fine and there is nothing to worry about.

Soon enough, however, I hope to have SSL enabled on the server. I’ll see about working with the hosting provider about it, but I make no guarantees at the moment, but I do hope to get it working.

Server Issues

I don’t know why, but for some reason the host for the server killed the processes and did something on the server. I’ll be doing on and off reconfiguring, but I’ll try and keep it up as much as I can without having to restart it or anything.

All of your nicknames, if registered, should still work just fine. However, for some reason, the vHosts and BotServ Bots are all reset, and those, there are none anymore. For any user that had a vHost, you will have to request a new one if you wish to have one. If you had a bot for your channel, you will need to request it again as they were all wiped out for some reason. (including one of our private bots)

I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused, but it was beyond my control to do anything much about it. I’ll continue to work until everything is pretty much done and the work-load calms down enough. I’ll be taking breaks often as well for the next few days as I figure out what’s going on.

Web Chat!

Well now, this should be a treat for all of you. If y’all need a direct way of connecting to our server, but don’t have/want a dedicated IRC client, then you may use the Web Chat link in the header. This uses a service called Mibbit that’s a fully featured IRC client, yet simple to use and is quite effective.

The default colors don’t flow with the theme right now, and I’ll be working on that over time. I still need to figure out each of the different values and the many color choices, so it will take me some time to get a good color theme going. But, do expect a dark, shadowy theme coming at some point. ^_~

Oh, before I forget, the web client is set to join #general automatically, but you are more than welcome to join other channels as you wish. Redirect

No, this isn’t a redirect of the main domain. =P

I actually asked my hosting provider of the domain to see if he wouldn’t mind adding the redirect in the A Record for us. Of course, this isn’t on this particular host, he doesn’t allow IRC processes, so it’s on a separate server.

Anyway, I ask that anyone using the domain to please update your links. I’ll have the domain up for one more month before I cancel the domain registration. Again, please update them links! =^.^=

Staff Applications

Yes, you heard right… we’re now going to accept applications to be part of the ShadowHime staff! To begin the process, just click here to be taken to our application page.

You will find the qualifications on the page mentioned above as to what we’re looking for in staff members. We’ll begin taking applications on August 25th and we’ll continue to accept applications for about 3 weeks before we close them.

With that in mind, we hope to have new staff members joining the team here. ^_^