Small Changes

Made a few small changes behind the scene stuff. Its mostly to do with the donation stuff. I did away with the progress bar, cleaned up the right side widget a little bit, and that’s about it. Don’t have much else at the moment to report on.

We’re Still Here!

We’re still very much alive, well.. I am. I’m the only one who does any work around the joint anyway.

There hasn’t been much to report, which would explain the lack of posts. Been busy in real life mostly that I didn’t want to focus on things for a while. Don’t worry, I still intend to upgrade the IRCd’s, but I’ve got much bigger things to worry about first. I just don’t know how long it’ll be before I can get that done.

Course, I notice still some traffic that goes through here, much of it is spam though that no one will ever see. Its nice to have some anti-spam measures and I don’t have to weed through it every two minutes. Just to give you an idea, there is roughly 400-800 spam comments, per month. That’s quite a bit per day when you think about it…

IRC Upgrades Where?

Long story short, because I busted the hard drive in my laptop, I lost all my progress and I haven’t had time at all to get around downloading all the files again to make the necessary changes. Which also explains the lack of posts.. I’m still active at least in the encoding scene for Exiled-Destiny, but that’s another matter entirely.

Anywho… I’ll get to it eventually, but it’ll be a while before I get back to it. And since I have to do it for 2 servers, it is a bit of a pain. In all honesty though, I really should get around to getting these upgrades done. Probably what I’ll do is start over from scratch so I’ll have a clean slate to work with, which sounds like my best option at this point. Maybe clean up my IRC directories on LoliFox while I’m at it.

So yeah, I’m not dead, just been somewhat quiet. Doesn’t help I’ve had personal issues to deal with the past month, but such is life.

IRC Upgrades and Services

I’ve got some big plans and I’ve been doing a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff the past couple days. I need to do a few other things before I actually get to upgrading the IRC servers and services, but they’ll provide new features that I’ve long been waiting for personally.

The IRC server itself is pretty secure in its own way due to my own strict rules for oper privileges. SSL being the requirement, as well as a valid fingerprint, so no one is going to get those very easily. The services has always lacked an identification method for fingerprint ID, and that was finally added in from an update not long ago. Problem? I have to redo the entire config, which I’m not looking forward to. Read more

More Space is Always Good

After some internal discussions about how to proceed with things, I went ahead and got another HDD installed for Mashiro, so now there is plenty of room to cram in there. More is going to be done with the bot itself, but I will keep things updated on that front here. Read more

Server Back Online!

Yep, the server is finally back and in full working condition. Mashiro was patched up, she’s running the latest software now, OS on the server is running on an updated version, and we’re good to go. Its been a little hectic to get things solved, but we’re all good now.

Anyway, y’all get back to downloading your anime, I’ll keep the bill (unless y’all want to donate I guess..) running and we’re all happy.