Update on Website

Its no issue that the site is back up. But actually, I was informed of something rather interesting.

This is a small-time site, not a whole lot of activity goes on here, or the IRC. I was informed by my host a couple days ago (I was busy the last couple days, hence no post about further information) regarding my account suspension. He told me something about a skyrocket in resource usage shortly after the move. I found it rather interesting considering all I do is keep the software backend up-to-date with WordPress and SMF. So, I’m curious if it was an isolated incident as he suggested, or it was a possible DoS on my site for whatever reason.

Anyway, that’s what happened apparently. I haven’t seen anything new lately, but I’ll keep my eye on it over time and just keep touch if I find anything new.

One Server Move to Another

In an interesting twist of updates, this only pertains to the site and forum themselves. So, there shouldn’t be as big of a problem with the migration unlike the IRC server move. (they’re offering some sort of compensation for it, so I already have an idea about that)

To the point. The webserver that hosts the ShadowHime website and forums, and other things too… will be moving datacenters approximately at 3 AM Eastern Time on Monday and it shouldn’t be down for more than an hour, but you never know with these moves. You’re welcome to follow the official twitter account for updates if any are available. Though, I am expecting this to go more smoothly, but we’ll see.

Official Twitter Feed (part 2)

So, long story short, I managed to secure another account for the ShadowHime name, and it will now be used as the official Twitter for the network here. It’ll mostly be used to post and maintain updates in regards to the various servers. There will currently be three people who have access to it. Myself, Soultaker, and Kalshion. I’m debating on having a handle of sorts for us, and if there is one, I will add it to our respective staff pages. It’ll most likely be two letters long, for example, mine would be TS. Soultaker would likely use ST, Kalshion being KA maybe, or something, I dunno.

I’ll post a follow-up comment in here regarding handles when I talk more about it with the other two. For now, they know about it, I still have to do a couple changes, and we’ll go from there. It’ll be used to make quick updates for server downtime and the like. That way I won’t have to make blog posts about each update or forum posts like I have been lately.

I love internet problems…

So uh, I have internet problems. This shouldn’t hinder me from doing light uploading or something that I’m going to need to do most likely for the servers, but my modem has been resetting itself when I am uploading huge files.

So, StatServ? Eh.. because my modem being stupid (I’ve had a replacement 2 times, all 3 modems are doing it), I shut down the box that StatServ was sitting on for now. For the time being, it will not be available until I can figure out what’s going on with my internet. My ISP has no clue what’s going on either, and I’ve showed them while in the act.

Its really strange, but there’s nothing much I can do. I suppose if someone has any idea of what’s going on, they can view the video from Youtube and we’ll go from there I guess.

Skip ahead to about 2:15 (I can’t do that in embeds) and watch from that point. You’ll see it happen pretty quick. Or you can watch the entire video, up to you.

The new modem is a Ubee combo piece of crap, and its doing the exact same thing, so I don’t really need to make a new video for it.

Twitter Feed

Alright then, this might make some of y’all happy. If you notice to the right, I have a twitter feed. No joke, I do have a twitter account now. I don’t plan to use it terribly often, but for quick things, it’ll get the job done. You are welcome to follow if you wish, there is no real need, but the choice is yours. I plam to use it for both here and my YouTube account unless it gets wildly popular somehow… in which case I’ll just open a separate account for that and go from there.

Before you ask, no I haven’t received any updates regarding the server move. I will make a post regarding that, so don’t worry.

Luna Update

Mk, I’m going to use this post in particular to detail out any particular updates.

Alright, first to set things straight. Yesterday was interesting because the provider restarted the server, so.. that would be why for the odd downtime. So, that wasn’t the actual move. They are still configuring hardware for the actual move to occur, and when this is finished they will send out an email in one week of notice.

Now for the second thing. I put in a request for an IPv6 address, and so help me if I can figure it out. XD An IPv4 will still be available, so don’t worry. LoliFox and Ganymede will not be IPv6 compatible, fair reference, so if y’all want to use IPv6, you must use Luna via luna.shadowhime.net. It will require me recompiling all the servers to at least recognize the new protocol as I don’t believe I had done that.

So what will this mean? Well, not much. I can’t utilize IPv6, so I’m unable to actually test it out to make sure its working. I think I have a friend who could help though in this endeavor. Something I’ll ask when I see him around. Y’all must be thinking I’m nuts, but hey, I like a challenge that gets my brain thinking for once. XP Anywho… stay tuned for updates.

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