Changes in Staff

I hate doing these, I really do. You bring someone on, then later on, changes need to be made due to inactivity or whatever…

EvilEntity and WingZero0079 have both been dropped as network staff mostly due to inactivity on the network. Idling is one thing, but engaging in convos when possible is another. I have left their info in the config files until I change my mind, but for the time being, I most likely won’t. I might reinstate WingZero’s if the network gets more activity here, but EvilEntity hasn’t really been connecting as it is. (What’s in the userlist for those who do see is actually a BNC I set up for him.)

For the time being, there will only be 3 staff members. Your two network owners, and Soultaker. We’ll be around at various times of the day if anyone needs any help, or you may post on the forum if necessary.

Ganymede Port Update

This won’t get a forum post, since its just a minor thing. After a lot of mucking around, Soultaker finally decided to just get a second IP and modem for the server to use, so now all of the necessary ports are opened for IRC. So, for those who want to use SSL for it, 6697 and 9999 both work fine, so you may use either one. Or the standard ports work fine too, up to you on how you connect to the server.

SMF and WP Bridged!

Looked around, looked some more.. did a little reading, and finally got the two bridged together.

Still a few bugs here and there, but for now, its working alright. Y’all can still comment anonymously if you wish, but if you want to be logged in when commenting, you’ll need an account via the forum, and it’ll be created for WordPress. You login through the forum to be logged into the account on WordPress. So far its working pretty well.

I’ll keep updated if needed.

Tapatalk and the Forum

For you owners of a smartphone and Tapatalk, fear not, I’ve installed a mod that integrates the app and the forum together so you can use your favorite forum app to browse our forum.

I was looking around for some useful mods, and happened to find this, so it is about time I got updated with the times, don’t y’all think so?

Hm, what else… Oh right.. social networking.. I’m debating to be honest. I don’t use it, nor will I enable its default features in the theme since well.. they serve no purpose to me. But, I might add separate mods for any user who does wish to utilize them to an extent, but for the moment, may have to wait for a while as I don’t have FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter, etc…

Discrepancy in Stats

There were a few issues that I didn’t know about with the stats service.. so.. there will be a little discrepancy in the way the graphs show. There’s a big hole in them where-as the SearchIRC graphs will not, as there were no real downtime. Just that it couldn’t connect to the MySQL database for a few days. I self-host it, at least the service itself, so intermittent downtime is likely. At least until I get cron working for it.. its being pesky…

Anyway, I might move it over to a dedicated box perhaps so it’ll stay online, but we’ll see.

Forum Upgrade

Long overdue, but a forum upgrade was needed, and a good wipe as well…

We’re now running SMF 2, and I’ve got a few kinks left to kick out and such. The logo is one thing I will be changing, don’t worry.. just something I gotta make first beforehand. If some of the text is hard to read for some of the viewers, let me know and I’ll see about changing them. Be specific though, or else I won’t be able to find the right value that needs to be changed in the CSS.

Anyway, feel free to register on the forum, have fun, and enjoy the place. That’s what we’re all about.