Nickname Registration

NickServ is the service used for NickName registration. For our network, you are required to have an email, a passcode will be sent to your email for verification purposes. Once you register a nickname, it will automatically be identified the first time you register.

Nickname Expiry

Nicknames which haven’t been used for 30 days will automatically be dropped from the NickServ database. You will have to re-register in order to be identified again.


Channel Registration

ChanServ is for registering a channel. In order to create a channel, you must have already and identified your nickname in order to register a channel. Please keep any channel registration information written and stored somewhere in case you need to refer to it again.

Channel Expiry

Channels which hasn’t been accessed, via the Access List, in 20 days will be dropped from the database. That means you will have to re-register the channel if you need it still.


Virtual Host Registration

HostServ is used to change your virtual host. It can be anything you would like, as long as it follows the rules set by the IRC Operators. Going against the rules will only have your request rejected, but repeated breaking gets you a ban from the HostServ system.


Bots provided by the service.

BotServ allows channel founders (usually those with +q access) to assign a bot to their channel that’s provided by the IRC Operators. They allow for simple addition of users to the access list and provide control for kicking and banning.


Sending private messages.


MemoServ is like a private message on a forum, except over IRC. Users will get memos when they log in, or they will receive a notice that they have a new memo if they are already logged in. Sending memos is quite useful when you need to get a hold of someone over IRC and they are not on IRC sometimes.

Requesting Higher Limit

If you would like to request a higher limit for memos, then you may send a memo or email to one of the staff members. Be sure to provide the following information:

  • New Limit:
  • Reason:

Be sure to have a good reason for having a higher limit for memos. We will not accept requests if they contain little to no information as to why you wish for a higher limit.