Various Tutorials

This page will list some of the various tutorials on how to use IRC and using the various services offered by ShadowHime.

  • Connect to IRC – A tutorial on how to connect to IRC.
  • NickServ – Information on registering and securing your nickname.
  • HostServ – Information to request your own vHost for your nickname.
  • ChanServ – Information to register your channel and set various options.
    • Part 1 – Register and configure your channel.
    • Part 2 – The Access List and xOP System.
    • Part 3 – Useful commands for your channel.
  • BotServ – Information on assigning, and using a Service Bot.
    • Fantasy Commands – Provides a documentation of the fantasy commands. Incomplete
  • MemoServ – Sending memos to other users.
  • General Commands – The list of command commands used in IRC.

To get a listing of the current available modes, please see these two pages: