Channel Modes

Channel Modes – No Parameters

B – No-caps, prevents users from typing in all caps.
c – Block color, this blocks colors from being used.
C – Block CTCP’s for the entire channel.
D – Block JOIN/QUIT messages from being shown until the user speaks.
G – Censor bad words for the channel using a network-wide censor.
i – Invite only, channel operators must invite users to join the channel.
J – This will prevent an auto-rejoin from users who are kicked from the channel. (Currently broke at this time.)
K – Provides support for /knock command on +i channels.
m – Moderated, only voiced users will be able to speak, as well as half-ops and channel ops.
n – No external messages, prevents users from messaging the channel externally.
p – Private, hides the channel in a user WHOIS reply.
s – Secret, sames are Private, also hides from a channel listing.
S – Strips color, users using color will have the color stripped from the message.
t – Topic Lock, locks the topic so only channel operators can change it.
T – This blocks anyone from sending /notice’s in a channel.
z – Only people connected via SSL will join the channel.

To set these modes, you must be a channel operator and have enough access to the channel. Use the follow command to set the modes:

/mode #channel +cim
/mode #channel +npstk my-key
/mode #channel +npstl {number}
/mode #channel +ahoq nick1 nick2 nick3 nick4

Channel Modes – With Parameters

a – This gives protection to a user, from the auto-kick systems. +a nick
b – Everyone should know the +b, its the ban mode. Prevents users from joining a channel. +b nick!ident@host
e – This is the ban exception mode. Like +b, +e does the opposite in case someone is hit by this and needs to join the channel. +e nick!ident@host
f – This adds a message/notice flood protection for the channel. See note below.
F – This protects the channel from nick change floods. See note below.
h – This gives half-operator status to users. +h nick
j – Protects from join floods. Locks the channel for 60 seconds. See note below.
l (lowercase L) – Sets user limit for your channel. +l {num}
o – This gives channel operator status. +o nick
q – This gives founder level to the channel. +q nick
v – This gives voice to users. +v nick

See above for setting these values.

The +f and +F modes are a little different from the other modes. These are set like any other mode, but it’s parameters are a little different. Example: /mode #channel +F 3:5. The 3 represents the times nick changes are allowed or messages, while the 5 represents the time in seconds allowed.

The +j mode, like +F, has some protect for your channel. This one is set just like any other mode, but is similar to +F. Example: /mode #channel +j 3:5. Of course, the 3 is the amount of joins, while 5 is the threshold for the limit. The difference is that this will lock the channel for 60 seconds to prevent join floods. You can reset this by taking off +j (-j) and putting it back on.

Coming soon!

Explanation on how to use the new, extended ban features and modes that some of these channel modes provide. They allow you to further restrict for certain users from doing CTCP’s, blocking color, or even muting them without having to moderate the channel.