This tutorial is for first-time users to IRC. I will do the best I can to help you join an IRC channel so you can chat with people just like using MSN, or some other instant messenger client. The first thing to do is get an IRC client. (you can skip this if you already have one)

Alternatively, you can use the “Web Chat” link in the header to use the web client, provided by Mibbit, to chat on the IRC. You will be automatically taken to the #general channel upon connect.


mIRC – Click here. – This is the most popular client used. It says there is a 30 day trial, but you can use it after 30 days, just don’t register it.
HexChat – Click here. – The current client I use. X-Chat has been abandoned, but HexChat has taken its place and is still being maintained. Same client, better features. Works on Windows/Linux/OSX.
Chatzilla: – Click here. – This is an addon for Firefox users. If you don’t want to download a dedicated IRC client, then you can use this addon instead to ease your troubles.

For more information about IRC clients, please check here for various software and information of features.

I do not have mIRC right now, so the tutorial will be based somewhat on X-Chat, but many commands can be done on mIRC just as they would on X-Chat.

Ok, do you have X-Chat installed? Good.

Setting Up

The first thing to do is run it. When you start it up, you will get the main window and a network list. The network list should be self-explanatory. You have a Nickname field, a secondary nick field, and a third one. I suggest filling in the first two. The next one of importance is the User Name field, which you can fill in anything you wish.

After you fill in that information with whatever you please, let’s move on to the server setup. While in the Network List, you can delete everything in there if you want, that’s up to you. What we are concerned about is adding our own server.

  1. Click on the “Add” button. For the newserver, type in “ShadowHime” or “ShadowNet”, or whatever you wish to name it. We’re not picky. ^_~
  2. Now, on the newly named server you just added, click on “Edit” while it’s still highlighted.
  3. Now you should be seeing an Edit Dialogue for the server. Now, click add and type this in:
  4. Leave the checkboxes as their default values as you do not need, nor is SSL support on ShadowHime IRC at this time.
  5. Nickserv password – This is the password you used to register with NickServ. You can enter it for auto-identification. This only applies to X-Chat. I can’t say for certain on other IRC Clients.

Alternative Connect

Connecting in an alternative fashion.

If you wish to connect in another fashion, rather than through the dialogues and such, then of course, you can connect another one. If you close the Network List, and it makes X-Chat quit, then just restart the client. Once it starts up, enter this at the bottom text box, next to your name:
This will connect you to our network so you can join channels and such. Take note, you must be a registered user to create a channel.

To join a channel, simply type in this command:
/join #somechannel
The person who created the channel, or if you know anyone inside, will be able to tell you what the channel name is.