General Commands

Here is a list of all the general commands, not covered in the various tutorials.

  • /nick newnick – Allows you to change your nickname.
  • /help – Allows you to see various information about different commands available.
  • /me action – This makes you perform an action, a known feature of IRC.
  • /msg nick message OR /msg #channel message – This will send a private message to someone, or sends a message to the channel. However, if channels have the channel mode +n, no one can send outside messages to a channel.
  • /clear – This essentially just clears the window of the text.
  • /part #channel message – This allows you to leave a channel without quitting the entire client. The message is optional.
  • /quit message – This will disconnect you from the network. Again, the message is optional.
  • /notice nickname/channel message – These are a sort of message that should be reacted to.

If there are any more commands, they will be listed here in further updates.