Have you ever seen some users with * (the * being random stuff before it) compared to your own, which might be *@28adsf.2jf82b.218dbq.973jv83? Do you want your own virtual host? Well, I can tell you how you can get your own.

A virtual host is something that comes after the ‘@’ sign in a name. I’ll use mine as an example: TwinShadow!Kumori@ShadowHime.IRC.Admin. After the ‘@’ is the virtual host I have set on myself and will stick as long as your name is registered. I must of forgotten, your nickname is required to be registered in order to use a virtual host.


Requesting them is simple, but there are rules for them. Our current policy on virtual hosts can be found here.

To request:
/hs request
As long as you follow the rules for your vHost, then you’ll be fine. It can be two words (no spaces), or even 10 words if needed. (though I’m not positive if there is a set amount)

You will get a memo once your vHost has been accepted, or even rejected. Follow the instructions once you receive that message.


Once it is accepted, do the following command to turn it on:
/hs on
/hs off - Turns off the vHost.