Update: Server Updates are Happening!

Holy crap, I’m actually doing it!

Having done Luna’s IRC config and services yesterday did make things a bit easier to transfer for LoliFox. Just a matter of changing a few key things here and there. Those already in the server will receive a Global notice about an hour prior to me moving everything and all that.

This is how its going to go down.

  1. Getting the IRCd’s up and talking to each other. That’s the first order of business.
  2. Once both IRCd’s are confirmed to work, the next is the services. Because of a new database structure, services may go down a couple times, but nothing major.
  3. Once services are operational, your old nicks will remain, however some of you may be on a Guest nick due to identification. If this happens, simply change your nick, or reconnect to the server. The choice is yours.
  4. Final thing is making sure everything looks good for the staff side of things, but that shouldn’t be too hard.

That’s pretty much what will go on once I get this stuff rolling. Again, a Global notice will be announced about an hour prior to the actual upgrades taking place. I don’t have an exact timeframe, but if I had to give one, expect it to be around 1 AM Central Timezone (-6 GMT). ‘Bout the best estimate I can give.

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