Updates Complete!

Server updates have.. actually been complete. That last post was delayed due to some…. issues I had with the server’s firewall. Which was beyond my control. I got that resolved finally, and I did run into a couple other minor issues.

But for now, the updates are done, and no major issues to speak of. I will be making some updates to the tutorials when I get a little extra time. Meanwhile, stay tuned for further updates, since I’m now trying to get some other stuff fixed actually since something did break, but it’s relatively minor.. strangely speaking.


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    • Brondog
    • Nov 13th. 2015 6:18pm

    Hey, I can’t manage to find the IRC server and room name anywhere around here. Care to share with me? Thanks! :D

    • http://www.shadowhime.net/channels/

      The link to the server is irc.shadowhime.net – the link itself are the official channels on the network. Everything should be at the top of the site in Information and Channels.

        • Brondog
        • Nov 14th. 2015 7:03pm

        Thank you! I will join you there soon! :D

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